Paul Gregor
Time and Tides

23. March 2018 - 17. October 2018


Free flowing with the spirit of the universe, merging with the rhythm of
time and tides. Timeless. Being one with nature.

The river of life symbolizes the complexity of existence, reflecting all aspects of life. Reflecting phantasies, memories, thoughts, feelings and the state of mind interacting with the unconsciousness. As the embodiment of life force and life stream it is also a metaphor for the longing for eternity, the longing for merging into the eternal river.

TIME AND TIDES shows a selection of works of the German photo artist Paul Gregor, whose metaphorical language is the expression of his own searching and longing for eternal oneness,  finding and creating new worlds of coherence and interrelationship between man and nature.
In his pictures we find questions and answers at the same time, opposites are united, mystic aspects and atmospheres of different realities are complementary - melting through time and space, breaking the borders of thoughts and expectations.

Paul Gregor works with the ancient tradition of analogue photography. Especially when he additionally works with double or multi exposures he creates very subtle, complex compositions of energies, phantasies and memories - expressing the unconciousness, transforming polarity, making visible the unvisible.