Markus Pesonen
The Depth of Water

16. Oktober 2014 - 16. November 2014


Markus Pesonen is a composer, sound artist and visual artist, creating sound and visual experiences in different contexts, from concerts and exhibitions to performances and shared spaces. He composes and creates with several music groups and is also working with dance, theatre, movies and meditation. Markus believes in open wordless communication, making space for everyone to find their own meaning.
In 2014 Markus exhibited in the Modern Art Museum of Mexico. One of his works was selected by Arte Vivo to be auctioned for the education and attention of the integral sexual health of Mexico. He also exhibited in Bar Café 9 in Helsinki and Bucarelli 69 in Mexico City during 2014. In 2015 photography exhibitions will bring him to Xalapa, Cuernavaca and Mazatlán in Mexico as well as Los Angeles, London and Dublin.
As a musician Markus has been performing in Europe, North and South America and Asia with artists such as: Django Bates, Palle Mikkelborg, Herb Robertson, John Tchicai, Phil Minton, Tony Buck, Tyshawn Sorey, Axel Dörner, Johannes Bauer, Lotte Anker, Carsten Dahl, Tristan Honsinger, Frank Gratkowski, Achim Kaufmann, Mikko Innanen, Wilbert DeJoode, Michael Vatcher, Lindha Kallerdahl, Norbotten Big Band and UMO.

The Depth of Water is the first part in a series of photography exhibitions dedicated to the five elements: water, earth, fire, air and ether. The interest is on the very essence of our nature, exploring the infinite complexity that arises from this simple elemental focus. The pictures are captured mostly underwater in places of natural significance, like springs, rivers and lakes. hile water is such an integral part of life on our planet we still struggle to honour it and its full potential remains untapped. With its dynamic and shape shifting nature it intuits to many different vital roles, for example as conducting medium for electrical charge, sonic vibration and even emotional frequency. Markus Pesonen explores these chameleonic qualities in his photographs, letting the water mirror the surroundings in colour and vibration; creating the space for the water to tell its story.