Shipping and Replacement Notification

Hey there!

The time has come. Half a year has gone by and your water filter is already excited to get the care it deserves.

To enjoy the high water quality of your Leogant water filter it is necessary and important to regulary change the filter cartridge.

The DIN1988 commands, that the filter cartridge has to be exchanged after 6 month no matter the consumption.

Your filter change is due this month.

You can see in our service videos below how easy a filter change is.
Here you can also find some useful tips regarding hygiene and care.

Your new cartridges will be shipped next week.

Your cartridges should be used up by now. Part of our filter-service is that you receive your new filter cartridges once a year free of shipping costs. 

Did your adress or your filter rotation change?

Just drop us a short message so that your package doesn't get lost and we can continue reminding you at the right time. 


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.
The whole Leogant team is at your disposal.

Enjoy your water!

For the filter change you'll need the following things:

  • New cartridge
  • Dish liquid (preferred organic)
  • Disinfectant 
  •  Softening agent (vinegar or citric acid)
  • Paper towel

LEOGANT AVAIO Filter-Service Video


LEOGANT BORVO Filter-Service Video